My name is Mariko Nordhoff and I have been in the fitness industry for over twelve years. I have always had a passion for good health through diet and exercise. Through my experiences, good and bad, I have always been amazed at the bodies ability to heal itself when given a balance of good nutrition, rest, and exercise. The best way to replenish your body is eating wholesome, minimally processed foods that your body can accept and utilize quickly. This seems logically right, but for many of us, myself included, it is nearly impossible to always have the time for fresh, whole foods when they are not always available and when we are constantly on the go, hurrying to the next appointment, meeting, or social event. Most convenient foods are full of preservatives and fillers and made to last for a long time on the shelf or in your cupboard. If these foods are prepared to have long shelf lives I can't imagine that they are easy for your body to digest and utilize. 
I started the concept of protein poppers because I needed quick energy and nutrition that was not fattening or full of sugar. Actually, I should say that my mom helped me start this concept. When I was a little girl, and studying ballet, my mom used to send me to my dance class with "peanut butter" balls to get me through my routines. I remember snacking on them before and after my classes. Later on in life, when I realized I needed something I could eat before or after a workout that would aid in muscle recovery and fuel new workouts, I went back to my mom's old recipe and modified it into what it is today. Now I have, what I believe, is the perfect pre and post workout snack. I hope you like them as much as I do.