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Lemons are Magical: Top Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Now

Lemons are Magical! 
Lemons are tiny magical yellow fruits that have incredible healing properties. Something as simple as lemon water can do wonders for maintaining a healthier inside. 
Top 10 Ways Lemon Water can heal: 
  1. Drinking warm water with lemon first thing when you wake up in the morning (30 minutes before you eat breakfast) will help aid in digestion and also help to flush toxins from the body
  2. lemon water helps to replenish your system - helping to restore body salts after a workout
  3. It balances and maintains a healthy pH level
  4. promotes healthy eyes
  5.  helps prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause infections and diseases
  6. great for the skin to help prevent acne and the early formation of wrinkles
  7. rich source of vitamin C - good for easing the symptoms of the common cold 
  8. provides strength to the liver to increase energy
  9. a powerful anti-bacterial with anti-septic properties
  10. high in potassium which help protect the brain and nerve cells
April 08, 2015 by Mariko Crane