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How to Purify Air in Your Home Naturally - Green Thumb Edition

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Time to put away those toxic Lysol spray cans and give the air inside your home a natural purification. Instead of reaching for the air fresheners it's time to think green and use the healthy and beautiful presence of live plants in your home. Here are the top 10 plants and herbs that will purify your home naturally.

note: Please advise your veterinarian before bringing plants into your home that could be toxic for pets. 



  1. English Ivy (the beautiful plant that climbs up the vine in fairy tales) helps to purify the air of formaldehyde 
  2. Peace Lily is a flowering plant that helps removes such toxins as acetone and benzene 
  3. Lady Palm helps to clear the air of chemicals like ammonia and is low maintenance which our green thumbs like! 
  4. Gerber Daisies actually absorb dangerous carbon monoxide and moonlight to generate oxygen at night
  5. Snake Plant is prettier than it sounds and in addition to formaldehyde works to remove nitrogen oxide as well
  6. Bamboo Palm works as a natural humidifier to keep a dry area humid
  7. Rosemary helps with cognitive function and to help clear the brain of free radicals. Absorbs carbon monoxide.
  8. Mint naturally makes the air easier to breathe if you have issues with your lungs and breathing
  9. Lavender and Jasmine help to naturally purify the air
  10. Basil helps to reduce carbon monoxide in the room


April 18, 2015 by Mariko Crane